What is Needed to Build a High-Performance Culture?


What is CULTURE?

Culture is essential to driving change. But the word ‘culture’ itself is a little unclear for many, particularly from a business-to-business perspective.

Bruce Temkin, founder of the Customer Experience Professional Association described it this way: “Culture is how people THINK, BELIEVE and ACT. It frames what people do when no one is looking!”

The bottom line is that BEHAVIORS is what makes the difference. And when a leadership team is INTENTIONAL and elects to design and implement the behaviors they want, the impact can be HUGE.  To do that they must first articulate and agree what those behaviors would look like, and then apply a concerted effort to make them a way of life.

Why a High-Performance Culture?

Here are reasons you should focus on developing a high-performance culture with your organization:

  • A strong culture unites
  • Culture sets expectations
  • Culture enables commitment, empathy and everyone doing a little bit more to drive customer loyalty
  • A high-performance culture differentiates – it is the ULTIMATE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.
  • Culture is the foundation for accountability and ownershipit is where LEADERS must place significant attention
  • Culture drives a WINNING Mindset
  • Culture focuses on People, Actions, and BEHAVIORS that drive RESULTS
  • And finally, a high-performance culture is the hardest thing for competitors to copy


Many clients say that it’s the single most impactful thing they’ve done in the history of their company.

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