“The manager’s role is to reach inside each employee and release his unique talents into performance. This role is best played one employee at a time: one manager asking questions of, listening to, and working with one employee. Multiplied a thousandfold, this one-by-one role is the company’s power supply.”   - Marcus Buckingham, First Break All the Rules

COACHING is the skill of the 21st century. It is an essential skill, as at its core is the ability to tap the capacity of each individual.

Coaching is more than being a helper.  Coaching promotes stretching both the individual and the team to reach its potential.  It is a journey that never ends. It is creating the reality you want for your team. It is being a servant, a performance leader, a change agent, and a communicator, all rolled into one.  And, it is not easy.

Coaches report that coaching is less about giving advice and direction. Effective coaching is about having a series of one-on-one conversations and collaborative interactions aimed at helping another person (your employee, a peer, your team) unlock and reach their full potential.

The best coaches share the following about Coaching:

  • Coaching's purpose is to help an individual learn to become the most effective contributor possible
  • Coaching is not concerned with perfection, or “playing it safe”
  • Coaching is about agreeing to clear expectations and about mutually exploring new approaches, improving processes, and adding skills and abilities that will help achieve the desired results
  • Coaching is about challenging and encouraging and helping people learn both from their mistakes and helping them “anchor” and replicate their successes


Talented coaches apply a wide range of activities ranging from formal and informal meetings to well-designed educational activities.  The best companies are intentional about how they coach and they hold their coaches to high standards and KPIs around Coaching.

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